St Lukes


Feast of All Saints Sermon: True Blessing
Proper 25 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer-The Stewardship of Care
St.Lukes Feast-24 C Sermon: Persistant Prayer, to What End.mp3
Proper 23 C Sermon: For the Lepers
St. Francis Feast C Sermon: Oliver Lim
Proper 21 C Sermon: The Truth About Lies
Proper 20 C Sermon: Shrewd and Holy Squandering
Proper 19 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Proper 16 C Sermon: Sabbath=Life
Proper 15 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer – More Division
Proper 14 C Sermon: Vigilance
Proper 13 C Sermon: Six Years – Now this!
Proper 12 C Sermon: Jesus’ Pithy Prayer
Proper 11 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer – The Better Part of Hospitality is?
Proper 10 C Sermon: Create Eternal Life, Dont Expect to Inherit It
Proper 9 C Sermon: Salvation
Proper 8 C sermon: Getting in The Way
Proper 7 C sermon: Healing Leadership
Trinity Sunday Sermon: Trinity and the Via Negative
Pentecost C Sermon: When the Spirit leads

Easter 7 C Sermon: The Miracle of our Interconnection
Easter 6 C Sermon: How Do We Know God Dwells with Us?
Easter 5 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Easter 4 C Sermon: Revelation of Love
Easter 3 C Sermon: Recognizing Redemption
Easter 2 C Sermon: Honoring Doubting Thomas
Easter Sunday Sermon: How to Prove the Resurrection

Maundy Thursday Sermon: Brian O’Rourke – guest homilist
Holy Week Tuesday Sermon: Kelly Lauer

Lent 5 C  Sermon: Extravagant Gifts
Lent 4 C Sermon: The Parable of the Prodigals
Lent 3 C Sermon: The Relentless Gardener
Lent 2 C Sermon: Resilience
Lent 1 C Sermon: Training for Prophetic Witness
Ash Weds C Sermon:Kelly Lauer -Lent! Huh! What-is-it-good-for?

Epiphany Last C Sermon: Transfigured Lives
Epiphany 7 C Sermon: The Burden of Trust
Epiphany 6 C Sermon: Privilege – The Gift not to be Wasted
Epiphany 4 C Sermon: You want the truth?  You want the truth?  Can you handle LOVE?
Epiphany 3 C Sermon: Kelly Lauer
Epiphany 1 C Sermon: We are God’s Beloved
Epiphany C  Sermon: God – Here, In this Child!