St Lukes

Filming and Space Rental

Filming at St. Luke’s

Filming at St Luke’s beautiful and classic campus is represented and managed by Tracy Alderson at Mile22 Film Locations. Detailed photos of the property are available at their website  Tracy can be reached at 626-487-8033.


Parking Lot

The parking lot is available for event and film location services.   Final approval of use comes from the Rector. The party shall provide a certificate of insurance and full honorarium prior to the first day of use.  The donation, in form of a check, shall be made payable to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

There are approximately 100 spaces in the parking lot; 15 spaces adjacent to the Tzu Chi School are not usually available during School Hours. If an agreement is made for use of the entire lot during school hours, the Tzu Chi School must be notified in advance, to allow time for teachers to make other parking arrangements, if necessary.

Parking Donations:

  • Entire lot, for an extended day (6a.m. – midnight) – $800.00
  • Entire lot for a full day (8 hours) – $600.00
  • Entire lot for a half day (4 hours or less) – $300.00

Half-lot for a full day (8 hours) – $300.00

For use of 25 spaces or less, full day or less: $10.00 per car.


Other rooms and events

If you are interested in renting the Guild Hall, Library, or Swan Hall with kitchen facilities, call 626-357-7071.  Rates are negotiable and vary with calendar availability, and event purpose.