The Rev. Ann Dumolt – Deacon

deaconannprofileDeacon Ann is the daughter of Navy parents and has traveled and lived all over the U.S. and South Pacific. Recently retired from the State of California, Department of Social Services, Ann was ordained a vocational deacon (May 2010) and earned her M.Div. from Claremont School of Theology and Bloy House Episcopal School at Claremont (May 2014), specializing in Spiritual Care.  Ann’s sponsoring congregation was Grace Episcopal Church, Glendora — a mission church founded in June 1912 by the Rev. Oremsby, who was the priest at St. Luke’s, Monrovia.  Fittingly, Bishop J. Jon Bruno asked Ann to serve at St. Luke’s after her three-year commitment to Grace drew to a close.  Ann nurtures Lay Ministries at St. Luke’s and she also assists with organizing liturgical services, lay ministry training, community outreach, preaching and pastoral care.  Her next dream is to jump-start a local “Laundry Love” with Foothill Unity Center and other area churches in Monrovia.  Laundry Love is a diocesan wide ministry that provides a free, safe, and compassionate space for low income and homeless individuals to launder their clothes, and live with the dignity of cleanliness.


Ann is currently completing professional training hours in Clinical Pastoral Care. She aims to split her time between hospital chaplaincy and parish work. Ann loves socializing over meals, is an avid bicyclist, hiker, and guardian to three cats.