Coronavirus Protocols

Dear Members, Friends, and other Worshipers,

Now that the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency status has been lifted we feel comfortable returning to "worship as usual," including Holy Communion with the option of a "common chalice."  All parishioners wishing to receive communion are invited to come forward and kneel or stand at the altar rail, where the clergy will distribute the host and two chalice options will be presented.

If you wish not to share a common chalice, inform the Eucharistic ministers and the priest will dip the host in a designated chalice and hand the "body and blood" to the communicant.  Otherwise, the minister will place the host in your hand for you to consume and you can sip the wine from a separate designated silver chalice.  Silver has antimicrobial qualities that prevent the spread of germs, and after each sip from the common chalice the minister wipes the lip of the chalice and turns it so that a fresh edge is presented to the person receiving the wine. This has been considered "best practice" that Eucharistically centered churches have practiced for a long time.

Please note that masks are still welcome and available, and we seek to maintain a safe environment for all our worshiping members and guests. To that end, our presiding priest makes. a habit of testing weekly before Sunday services. Needless to say, if you are feeling under the weather, we encourage you to take advantage of our virtual worship options.

Services continue to be live streamed on Zoom and Facebook live for those who may find that more comfortable or convenient. Our weekly Sunday service schedule will continue to be found at our ongoing Zoom Link:
Meeting ID:  626 357 7071
Passcode: 818635

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Neil


If you do not happen to have your own copy of the Prayer Book at home, you can find links to pdf’s of the various services below.


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Meeting ID: 626 357 7071 Password: 818635


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