St Lukes


Sermons given at St. Luke’s can be downloaded in MP3 format.

To find the texts of the assigned readings for each Sunday Proper – you can go to

The Christmas Eve Play: How the Angels Saved Christmas
Advent 4 B Sermon: Mary, Meek and Mild? Heck NO!
Advent 3 B Sermon: Broken Promises and Invitations
Advent 1 B Sermon: Stay Woke!
Proper 29 A Sermon: Christ-the-King and the Anti Kingdom
Proper 26A Sermon: Screed
Feast of All Saints
Proper 25 A Sermon: Step-Out / guest – Chris Pitt
Proper 23 A Sermon: Looking for Heaven in all the Wrong Places
St. Luke’s Feast
Proper 21 A Sermon: Love Triumphs
Proper 20 A sermon: Suffering and Justice
Proper 19 A sermon: The Rev. Nathan Bionstad
Proper 18 A sermon: Thriving in Community
Proper 17 A sermon: Blessings Over Curses
Proper 16 A sermon: Deacon Ann
Funeral Homily for David Bowen
Proper 15 A Sermon: Change for Good
Proper 14 A sermon: The Word Is Near-But We Must Speak It
Proper 12 A Sermon: Keep Calm and Trust
Proper 11 A sermon: Careful with the Weeds
Proper 9 A sermon: Kelly-Lauer
Proper 8 A sermon: Stopping the Hand of Violence
Proper 7 A sermon: Scriptural Soap Operas and Unexpected Redemption
Proper 6 A Fathers Day sermon: Fr. Nathan

Trinity Celebration : Come Dance with Me
The Feast of Pentecost
Easter 7 A Sermon
Easter 6 A Sermon: Truth and the Conversion of Perspective
Easter 5 A Sermon
Easter 4 A Sermon: Shepherd Leadership
Easter 3 A Sermon: Their Hearts were Burning
Easter 2 A Sermon
Easter Sunday Sermon: Walk in the Newness of LifeGood Friday Sermon: Having the Nerve for Truth
Maundy Thursday homily Kelly Lauer
Holy Week Tuesday homily, Dart
Lent 5 A Sermon: Who asked for fame?
Lent 4 A Sermon: Smashing Idols with Light
Lent 3 A Sermon: Thirst
Lent 1 A Sermon: TrustLast Epiphany Sermon: Love Transfigures
Epiphany 6 A Sermon: Which Wisdom?
Epiphany 5 A
Epiphany 4 A: The Very Rev. Gary Hall
Epiphany 2 A
Epiphany A Sermon: Enlightenment