Vestry Bio – David Tolemy

David Tolemy has been attending St. Luke’s for three years with his wife Amy and their two children Jake and Ethan. After growing distant from the Catholic Church he was raised in, David sporadically attended a number of other churches but never found a place to call home. From the first visit to St Luke’s, that all changed.

Drawn in by both the welcoming community and the powerful message delivered from the pulpit each week, David attended confirmation classes and became an official member of the Episcopalian community in 2018. He enjoys taking an active role in service, including helping out with ushering, readings, and taking part in the occasional play.

In his personal life, David is a freelance writer and occasional actor. He studied at New York University and graduated with honors before moving to California with Amy. In 2019 the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and 20th year together. This makes them older than he would like to admit.

When he’s not writing or hanging out with his sons, David enjoys watching and playing all kinds of sports, particularly baseball. He also loves comic books, regular books, and bingeing on pulpy television shows.