Among the first and most important faces you will see at St. Luke’s on any given Sunday are those of our ushers. They are our first line of hospitality, who proclaim our radical welcome and inclusive spirit to those entering our doors for the first or hundredth time.

Ushers not only welcome but invite all to share in the beauty of our church and liturgy by making sure they have a comfortable seat and navigate the liturgy if they are unfamiliar.

Oblation bearers have the special duty of bringing the gifts of bread and wine forward to the altar to be blessed and consecrated by the priest for our Communion meal.

Additional ushers and oblation bearers are always welcome and appreciated. Please consider how your special gift of warmth and welcome can add to our weekly fellowship and worship.

For more information on the duties of Ushers and Oblation bearers, please see Kathy O’Shea at Sunday service or contact her at 626-359-2252, we would love to have you join our team!