Please note that services are now online at St. Luke’s due to the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice.  Click on the header title above that reads, “Coronavirus Public Health Crisis.”

Links are provided to our various Sunday and Daily Office prayer services.  We also have Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7 pm following Evening Prayer services at 6:30 pm.

All other outside group events, such as 12 Step meetings are currently are either online or suspended until quarantine and stay at home recommendations have been lifted.

Once our Diocesan Bishops have discerned that transmission risks have been minimized enough, it will be left to each Parish to discern how they might most effectively and safely reintroduce public worship in their sacred spaces given diocesan guidelines.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.  We miss you and look forward to gathering together in our Lord’s name in the future.

For active links, access this PDF:

Services during coronavirus public health crisis


Book of Common Prayer Service Orders

Morning Prayer Rite 2

Noonday Prayers

Evening Prayer Rite 2


Directions for Morning and Evening Prayer

Individual Prayers throughout the Day

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