Pastoral Care

Here at St. Luke – the Physician, we strive to incarnate the healing of body, mind, and spirit, by being a community that listens and welcomes. The first way we do that is by making our liturgies accessible and understandable. If you are new to our community, chances are someone will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that may come up during our worship service.

We also have a dedicated group of lay pastoral caregivers, who call themselves the CARETEAM. Under the leadership of Trish Gresham, these CARETEAM members provide occasional rides, meals, fellowship, and even simply make calls and write notes to members of our community who may be in special need.

The Rector and the clergy of the parish are also available for pastoral and spiritual counseling, and of course home or hospital visitation. While such counseling is usually short term, if the need becomes apparent that longer-term professional psychological counseling is required or requested, they have the resources and referrals available. You can make an appointment with the rector or any of the associates by calling our main number and the appropriate extension.